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Anonymous whispered, "What does the red button mean?"

The red button is a record button and it represents his production company hitRECord.

Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt || February, 17th 1981

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Traditionally there’s this barrier between the people who make movies and the people who watch them, and I think it sucks. Making Hollywood this castle on a hill and crowning actors the “Stars” might have been exciting and even brought people together last century, but now it’s grown kind of disgusting in its excesses and it’s no longer bringing people together—it’s keeping people apart. It always turns my stomach a little when, because I’m in movies and on TV, people sometimes treat me as if I’m somehow different from, even above, a normal person. But the emails, posts, and comments I’ve been trading recently with people through those aforementioned sites cause me no nausea; they inspire me. There’s no nasty status predicated on “Fame” or “Fortune.” There’s just that beautiful thing, the point of all art in the first place: a connection between one individual and another. - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, flawless motherfucker.

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BTW, I second that but then again, I live in Narnia and never had a chance to go anyways…

Anonymous whispered, "whats your hitrecord acc.? :))"

Lol, I actually don’t have one ‘cause I’m creatively handicapped. But I’ve been thinking about getting one lately, just for fun.

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